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14th Annual International Hyperbarics Association (IHAUSA) Meeting

We were fortunate enough this year to attend the 14th Annual International Hyperbarics Association ( conference. We will be relating much of the available conference subjects on this blog over the next few weeks. This was our third year of attendance at IHA, we enjoyed the vast amount of hyperbaric medicine information available and we had to divide up to cover as much material as possible over the two actual general attendee days of the four day event.

The event featured many pioneers within the international hyperbaric medicine and research arena. This conference also incorporated many topics from the Functional Medicine realm, as well. The capable IHA staff made the event very enjoyable and they had the entire event running super smooth over those days of conference we attended. We have increased and refined our hyperbaric clinical knowledge with each year of attending this incredible IHA event.

Here are some of the research topics we will be relaying via our blog:

A) HBOT and Immune Tolerance

B) HBOT and Hormonal Health for Women

C) HBOT and Alzheimer's

D) HBOT and Aging, Cognition, TBI, and Stroke

E) HBOT and Cerebral Palsy

F) HBOT and Detoxification

G) HBOT and Sleep Optimization

H) HBOT and Cancer Research

I) HBOT and Hyperoxia / Hypoxia

J) HBOT and Functional Dentistry

K) HBOT and Pediatrics

L) HBOT and Longevity

Quite a list of amazing research to unpack and dissect over the coming weeks. We were adding and refining to subjects that were already familiar to us from our Hyperbaric clinic consulting. As you might have noticed the discussed topics are not currently being actively addressed within the research being conducted via the National Institute of Health (NIH) or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The international Hyperbaric Medicine community is moving much faster than their cohorts in America.

So, standby to be better informed and to gain better appreciation for the hyperbaric medicine community.


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