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No Small Amount of Enlightenment

Just recently I had someone ask me to reduce my explanation of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to it's briefest element. I had to ponder that question for a moment; how does someone experienced in the science and art of hyperbaric oxygen therapy reduce the process to it's most basic form? The field of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is very broad in some cases, yet very narrow in other cases.

It would certainly be possible to conduct several weeks of lectures addressing the science and the art of this amazing form of medical therapy. Just explaining the physics involved, primarily the Gas Laws, would entail several hours of discussion and demonstration. The too numerous to mention medical applications that could be utilized by this therapy is dizzying. Every year that goes by scientists are discovering new and exciting ways to apply this therapy to human and animal ailments, with enormous reported successes. Again, I come back to that question placed before me, what is my briefest explanation of hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

I would have to reply, "Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the science and art of the application of Oxygen and Pressure". Basically, that's exactly what all of it comes down to; skillful application of oxygen and pressure to affect our greatest desired change for our treated patients, human or animal! The science of it is super simple, but the correct application of this remarkable therapy requires no small amount of skill and art to achieve both parties best possible outcomes.

I'm sure that we have all witnessed or heard about the negative effects when this natural form of medicine is incorrectly applied or almost worst failure to utilize this therapy at all! As practitioners of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, we should strive to increase the level of enlightenment within our respective medical communities to ensure the best possible examples of just what hyperbaric oxygen therapy is capable of providing?


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