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Opening a Hyperbaric Medicine Clinic, Points to Consider?

1. Choose a Location: It is important to choose a location that is easily accessible to patients and that is equipped with necessary safety and medical certifications. Of special consideration is the location of your proposed Oxygen system. Nothing stops a dream in its tracks, faster than NOT considering WHERE you CAN locate the most important portion of your clinic. There are hundreds of horror stories about clinics that purchased or leased properties without considering their Oxygen system location. Only to be told, that THEY COULD NOT install their Oxygen system at their desired location.

2. Find a Qualified Staff: To ensure proper patient care during the hyperbaric chamber operations, it is critically important to hire experienced chamber operators and/or internationally certified hyperbaric technologists (CHT) or certified hyperbaric specialist (CHS) to directly oversee all chamber operations. This insures maximum safety for everyone and everything! They may supervise chamber operators who are not certified.

3. Establish a Safety Protocol: Establishing safety protocols or better yet, hire an actual Hyperbaric Facility Safety Director (HFSD) to oversee and direct the clinical operations. This individual will be responsible for making sure that chamber operators are properly trained and all equipment located within the hyperbaric chamber area is safely and effectively operated. The Safety Protocol and HFSD are essential when opening a safe and profitable Hyperbaric Medicine Clinic.

4. Have the Right Equipment: Make sure the clinic is properly equipped with the necessary medical and safety equipment to provide the best patient care. Again, this is where hiring a HFSD would make clinical operations safer and more economical. The HFSD could assist with equipment selection and installation.

5. Insurance: Make sure to get in touch with insurance companies and understand their coverage for Hyperbaric Medicine treatments. This is a matter that must be determined prior to nearly everything else within the clinic. Taking insurance for hyperbaric treatments can increase profits but it can also increase the number of hoops that the clinic must go through. Serious consideration must be given to which payment type the clinic decides to follow, remember it can be changed either way later. But with much effect and time.

6. Marketing: Establish an effective multi- system marketing strategy to let potential clients know your clinic is available and the services you offer. This item is perhaps the MOST CRUCIAL element!! The clinic MUST utilize effective marketing tools and the clinic must constantly monitor the effectiveness of their marketing and be able to adapt quickly to any possible advances or opportunities.


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