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The Very Basic Science of Hyperbaric Medicine

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

The science of hyperbaric medicine is based upon physics and general gas laws. Hyperbaric medicine has been around since the late 1600's. The most basic statement concerning hyperbarics is the utilization of pure oxygen and various amounts of pressure delivered via pressure vessels, human and animal, to achieve our desired treatment goals. Depending upon what illness you are attempting to treat then you would apply different levels of pressure that based upon the utilization of atmospheric pressure.

The miracle of hyperbaric medicine enables various practitioners to apply this miracle of science to effect positive changes to the patients both human and animal. From the American medical point of view there are only 13-15 FDA recognized indications by major insurance carriers for treatment. From the veterinary medicine, they are able to apply hyperbaric medicine more broadly on their animal patients. Drawing from the international hyperbaric medicine community there are over a hundred and fifty (150) indications with many more being added as research provides positive outcomes. This same research is being utilized to remove those indications that don't prove fruitful.

This brief description of hyperbaric medicine should create some interesting discussions within the human and veterinary medical communities that want to take that additional path of providing worthwhile options to their client base. The vision of Watts and Associates is to be part of this amazing and growing field of Holistic and Integrated medicine by providing guidance to those entering this rewarding field.


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