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The Veterinary Hyperbaric Oxygen Revolution

Here's another excellent webinar concerning Veterinary hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). The Veterinary world should realize that it is now able to deliver nearly the same human HBOT benefits to veterinary patients that humans derive numerous benefits from. It's the continuing aim of Watts and Associates to assist with providing this lifesaving and life altering therapy to the Veterinary clinics throughout the country.

The increased utilization of Veterinary HBOT would substantially increase the overall positive outcomes of thousands of veterinary patients that would otherwise not have this amazing therapy available. Not to mention the research applications that could be investigated. By bringing this therapy into the veterinary practice, veterinarians would be providing their patients exactly the same therapy as thousands of human HBOT clinics around the U.S. A brief Web search concerning human HBOT would yield story upon story of how HBOT has positively changed someone's life, or saved it.


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